Sinking Heart: The Ultimate Role Playing System

Welcome to the Sinking Heart Website! Finally, after 20+ years this old school RPG has joined the internet age.

From this site you can access the latest news and downloads, artwork and links to our friends.

Start with this page and if you don't have the Ruleset already either download from Blurb as an Ebook (£3.99) or buy a hard copy from Amazon.

Link to Blurb below;

What's it all about?

This site is primarily dedicated to the role playing system called Sinking Heart - A game that grew out of a messy, scribbled mish-mash of lists and symbols devised in the early 1990's into the world-wide phenomonen it is today. Ok, that last part isn't entirely true. Is it like D&D I hear you ask? The answer to that is yes, a little. It's in the same genre. It is rooted in high fantasy but influenced by a wide ranger of authors both in fantasy gaming, fiction and beyond. It's an 'old school' system by which I mean it is not overly or needlessly complicated with only a few core statistics and simple game mechanics. It is therefore suitable for teenagers but I hope there's enough depth to appeal to adults and older gamers alike.

Additional adventures, maps, monsters and general musings are available on this site. See the downloads page for supplemental rules for example.

In addition to all things Sinking Heart are links to the Artwork created by Alex Campbell and eventually various other pieces of fiction including the Sci-fi novella 'The Administration'.

Dave is a 30-something surveyor, bike mechanic and part-time author/Games-Master and Brown Wizard. Enough of that.

He currently resides in London and Hertfordshire with his daughter and enjoys role-playing (ooh 'er), bikes of the pedalling variety and occassionally dressing up as a jawa.

Much to the delight of all.

What do I need?

Not a lot. Some friends would be useful but beyond that you just need some ordinary six sided dice otherwise known as 1D6. More than one is going to come in handy! If you want to be really adventurous, budding Gamesmasters (GM's) could splash out on an eight sided dice (1D8) although the game is playable just with normal dice.

What else? Paper, pencils and some character sheets (Examples and a template is provided in the core ruleset).

There aren't 146 core stats to contend with, you don't need a gazillion different sided dice and most importantly of all, you don't need ****ing graph paper. There are optional stats that add to gameplay, like 'influence' levels but you don't need to use these if you don't want to. Everything has been pared back to the basics to allow free-flowing gameplay - Proper roleplaying is the aim of the game here!